Senior Software Engineer
PHP 70,000 - 150,000 monthly

Synacy Inc.
With business certificates

51-200 employees
Manila, Metro Manila
We're a technology company.
Our management team has a number of international companies under management related to telecommunications, mining and other businesses.
We've always done things based around merit and logic and we're looking to build a culture that rewards initiative, hard work and ingenuity. We are looking for passion.
Cebu is our headquarters and you can expect to work with exposure to other countries, your ideas and execution will ensure your career is as rewarding as what you put in. You'll be rewarded fairly and we'll try to do what we can to make your job easier with a fast workstation and a purpose-built and designed office environment complete with professional kitchen and meals.
Currently our application related challenges range from solving huge transactional messaging problems, to scaling our international network, optimising and building APIs for our partners and developing exciting front end products for our end-users. We also have a few new ideas that will keep things interesting.
Job responsibilities include, but aren't limited to:
  • Deliver sustainable, properly tested, efficient, self documented and functional software
  • Deliver solutions to satisfy business needs
  • Make proper architectural decisions and input in a collaborative manner
  • Maintain business knowledge and reflect requirements in working and in-progress code
  • Raise and discuss impediments and identify solutions
  • Initiate open discussion with management to get a better understanding of the business
  • Implement of software solutions to and operational responsibility
  • Assess how to implement better software practices as the need arises
  • Research on technologies or solutions to help build what is required and keep skills up to date
  • Mentor, support and provide guidance to engineers in the team
  • Analyse, develop and implement methods and procedures to improve the efficiency and well being of application development in the company
Skills and experience required:
  • Solid foundation of Fundamentals in Programming
  • Working knowledge of Object Oriented Programming
  • Focus on usable and maintainable code
  • Fearless in code refactoring
  • Willing to leverage existing code
  • Good understanding on Object Oriented Concept
  • Working knowledge of Test Driven Development
  • Bonus Points: J2EE, Hibernate, JSON, Selenium, Tomcat, JBoss, JIRA, Spring, JSP, JSF, Struts, AJAX, PL/SQL, etc.
  • Any programming or IT related certifications
  • Advanced and senior engineers and architects with 5+ years who understand most of the above  and experienced software team leads
For Cebu location: 6/F Crown 7 Business Center, Pope John Paul II Ave., Cebu City 6000
Synacy/RISE is committed to protecting your personal information. Your information will be collected, used and may be shared by Synacy/RISE with third party service providers to serve lawful purposes, for Synacy/RISE recruitment process, including processing of data by third party when required. Your information shall be held only as long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it is collected. The use and transfer of your information will be strictly in accordance with the applicable data privacy law and in line with our privacy policy available at Synacy/RISE Privacy Policy. Further, by clicking Apply, you agree and acknowledge that you have read Synacy/RISE’s privacy policy and fully understand your rights to access, correct or withdraw your information anytime.

Synacy Inc.

About the Company
Synacy is a global company, developing software products in the Philippines using international best practices, and exporting to the world.
We aim to help businesses be competitive by a consolidating telecommunications and technology markets and giving them access to opportunities that until now only large companies can realise.
We believe the best results for end-users and customers come from a number of various companies providing the best to service them. We want to enable them so they thrive.
We do this by providing the infrastructure and tools for them to sell new telecom products and enhance the value they deliver to their customers.
Our founders are from Australia, and together with our diverse, international leadership team, we managed the business from our offices in the Philippines, Australia, Canada, and Singapore.
Our company offers our products and operates under a few brands. At UTBox and Monopond, we offer fax and SMS messaging products, available globally, for individual and wholesale use. We founded an internet service provider to accelerate internet in the Philippines known as RISE. At RISE, we offer competitive fiber based internet access, to businesses located in major cities in the country.
It is our intent to form a globally competitive organization. We believe talented and remarkable people is found anywhere in the world. At the moment, we have most of our teams co-located in our offices in the Philippines. However, we are not limiting our reach here, we are forming a remote-first culture within our organization, so we can offer the opportunity to current and new members to work wherever they are productive.
A few of our strategies:
Software and automation is at our core. We believe in efficient, resilient, and scalable approach. Work smarter not harder, so that when you work hard you are working smart.
To our customers, we want to offer a complete service, in an integrated package.
We have taken the challenge of integrating with many telecommunication providers in the world, and aggregated our customer traffic, to offer a consistent quality at the best possible price.

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