Senior Java Engineer (2)

Philippine Full Win Group of Companies, Inc.
19 Narra Ave Forbes Park, Makati, Metro Manila
Job Summary
  • Study of different open-source toll API interface, can quickly learn and master the function of the API, and call the method.
Responsibilities and Duties
  • Complete the system architectural design, database structural design, business logic abstraction, component packaging and other coding work;
  • Database design documents, system architectural design documents, data interface documentation;
  • Specify and comply with the tam code format, the structure of the provisions, easy to read, easy maintenance, high quality, high efficiency of the code;
Qualifications and Skills
  • Good communication skills, quick understanding of business needs, to combine the actual needs of the API with the rapid development
  • Fluency in English reading ability, understanding of open source tools, as well as the development of documents such as quickly digest handling English documents.
  • At least 3 years working experience in Java development, familiar with unstructured data applications, non-structured full-text search engine, in-depth understanding of the unstructured large data processing has plenty of experience about it, very familiar with Lucene gives fast development.
  • Proficient in Java development language, proficient in Oracle and MySQL database; distribute processing, and decentralized storage development experience.
  • Proficient in OOP programming ideas, skilled use of commonly used design patterns, familiar with common open-source packages and expansion such as Smarty / Memcached / Curl / PDO.
  • Has a very in-depth understanding of the database, well-experienced in index optimization, query optimization and storage optimization. Master the relationship between database theory.
  • Clear logical thinking, have a good communication skills, ability to understand and analyze database, good at sharing.
  • Minimum education level: Bachelor´s Degree
  • Years of experience: 2
  • Language(s): Tagalog ,English
  • Availability for travel: No
  • Availability for change of residence: No

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Philippine Full Win Group of Companies, Inc.