Data​ ​Analytics​

Room 2512, 25th Floor, Cityland 10 Tower 2, HV Dela Costa, Makati, Metro Manila
Job Scope:
  • Data collection, processing, visualization, analysis
  • Develop and implement actionable and accurate insights and present to the various business teams
  • Test, measure, act on projects that drive the business
  • Code up live dashboards for real time visibility of business
  • Find innovative and creative ways to obtain new data
  • Develop models for predictive studies
Qualities we look for:
  • Strong enthusiasm for new experiences and to learn new skills
  • Ideally someone with 1 - 3 years working experience
  • Someone who loves working with numbers and problem solving
  • Strong logical reasoning and analytical mind
  • Independent learner who enjoys technical challenges (Google is your best friend)
  • Understanding that this is a start-up, and at a start-up, you do everything. This includes things outside your job scope such as organising monthly bonding activities which are real fun!
  • Good communication skills in order to turn your results into actionable insights that business teams use
  • Knowledge of R and/or SQL a plus but not required
Note : Application with CV attached will be prioritized

Applications for this job are now closed.
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