IT Assistant

Ark One Solutions, Inc.
Unit 405-406 Park Trade 1716 Investment Drive, Madrigal Business Park Alabang , Muntinlupa, Metro Manila
Job Summary:
The Information Technology Assistant is responsible for the end to end Information Technology process. He is also responsible in assisting the IT Administrator as needed in providing services to employees and systems management.
Duties and Responsibilities:
System Installation and Management
  • Assists in survey of software and hardware recommends purchase to SCM
  • Ensures that all software packages, including anti-virus and anti-hackers programs, are updates
  • Keeps an inventory of hard and software and updates list as soon as changes occur
  • Procures new hardware when needed, in consultation with the SCM and with the approval of Finance Head taking into consideration quality and prices
  • Documents the installation and settings on the server and on each computer
  • Assists with network and security management
  • Maintains and updates existing website on a weekly basis, and daily, if needed and coordinates regularly with the CEO, Business Heads on necessary adjustments to the contents of homepage
Repair and Maintenance
  • Repairs and maintains all types of IT hardware, desktop computers, laptops, printer, and other computer peripherals and ensures that they are all functioning properly and in accordance with the international standards (e.g., only genuine programs are installed)
  • Maintains the entire information technology system including the local area network (LAN)
  • Secures company data and files
  • Handles troubleshooting, personally or through telephonic support, of computer and internet related problem to company employees
  • Ensures availability of IT services during emergencies
  • Maintains weekly proper back-up systems and ensures system security
Special Tasks: Teaching and Technical Support
  • Teaches basic computer usage to the employees of Ark One
  • Provides IT technical support to Service and Project Team during Project completion
  • Provides user level technical support for end users,
Job Type:
  • Full-time

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Ark One Solutions, Inc.

Ark One is a Technology Solutions Integrator, focusing on high growth markets in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Ark One offers innovative solutions and clear-cut services to help its clients be globally competitive and maximize profitability.
Ark One has been supporting a wide range of clients within the government, universities, and ICT industry. We offer the following innovative business solutions: service architecture for the internet of things, broadband network asset management, network monitoring systems, test and measurement for electronics, security testing and load balancing solutions.
Ark One was established in May 2003 as the Marketing Representative of Agilent Technologies Test and Measurement Group in the Philippines when the dot-com bubble crisis affected the whole world in the early 2000. As a result, all companies, including Agilent had realigned their business strategy.
Six of Agilent Technologies Philippines senior staff and team members founded Ark One in a 30 sqm. office space at South Gate Bldg., Madrigal Business Park, Alabang , Muntinlupa City, about one kilometer away from Agilent’s original office. Each having his expertise in technical and sales, five of them devotedly did hands-on support of its customers.
Their common belief and value system based on the Bible, inspired them to name the company Ark One, after the Ark of Noah, a vessel of life during the great flood and after Agilent’s leadership, being number One in the test and measurement industry worldwide. With the understanding that God has a purpose for everything and that everything happens for a purpose, they envision an organization which shall be a steward of His resources to bless its employees, customers, partners and country, the Philippines.

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